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70′s Decor Rooted in 50′s Modernism

September 21, 2011

70′s nostalgia is sweeping the design world potentially exhausted by the serious climate of a timid economy and the modest green trend muting eccentricities.  Shine, color and extreme contrasts punctuated on walls and furniture are happily leaping back into living spaces.

David Hicks is one of my favorite interior artists from this amplified era.  Heavily influenced by 50′s modernism, risks were taken and boundaries unapologetically broken.  Hicks’ interiors, along with other designers, redefined the space where a free spirited generation chose to live.  I still have vivid memories of grabbing onto cheerful, canary yellow and chrome director chairs as a toddler and taking a bite of the chewy vinyl in our kitchen.

Family Holiday Home near Como

David Hicks Interior


70s lounge

David Hicks Interior

David Hicks interior

“With the brighter colors and polished surfaces, I guess it comes down to people wanting a glimmer of hope in their lives, a bit like what happened in the 1970s.  England was pretty grim, grey and depressed but then glam rock came along. People did the peacock thing. I’m not saying it’s dancing while the Titanic is going down, but people do go crazy when everything around them is drab, miserable and uncertain. This is inevitably reflected in the way we live and the way we decorate our homes.”  – Tom Dixon

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