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Home Grown Clothes

April 30, 2012

Initially, I watched Suzanne Lee’s Biocouture presentation on TED and thought it was pretty amazing.  She’s working with scientists to invent clothing made with cutting edge bio and nano-technologies.  Basically, it appears she cultivates a bacteria, like the one found in the popular Kombucha drink, and uses it as material for clothes.  With the proper conditions, a person could grow the stuff at home and follow the process to make their own material.  Suzanne says their ultimate goal is to grow a dress in a vat of liquid.

The downside is that the material is made mostly of water so it biodegrades once water touches it. So, no sweating or walks in the rain allowed. Hopefully, they can resolve this and create a cheap, green material anyone can produce in their homes.  Sounds cool but honestly, I haven’t heard anything new regarding this and wonder if the time and money could be spent growing some kind edible bacteria food source for the hungry?  Just saying.

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